Upcoming Events

Date Title Category
26 Apr 2018 SAFE Policy Lecture: Rosa Maria Lastra
Research Center SAFE
02 May 2018 Finance Brown Bag Seminar: Nora Laurinaityte
Department of Finance
07 May 2018 3rd Conference on Financial Markets and Macroeconomic Performance
Research Center SAFE
07 May 2018 EFL jours fixes: Paul Müller
E-Finance Lab
08 May 2018 Frankfurt Macro Seminar: Aysegul Sahin
Department of Money and Macroeconomics

SAFE Policy Publications

Title Authors Date
Governing Cryptocurrencies through Forward Guidance? Matthias Goldmann, Grygoriy Pustovit 21 Mar 2018
Financial Stability in the EU: A Case for Micro Data Transparency Johannes Kasinger, Loriana Pelizzon 12 Feb 2018
Passt das deutsche Dreisäulensystem in eine zunehmend harmonisierte Bankenstruktur für Europa? Reinhard H. Schmidt 07 Feb 2018
Deutschland und Europa Otmar Issing 02 Feb 2018