Upcoming Events

Date Title Category
29 Nov 2019 GBS Open Program: Alternative Investments
Goethe Business School
30 Nov 2019 GBS Open Program: Derivatives and Financial Engineering
Goethe Business School
16 Dec 2019 CFS Lecture: Sebastian Kohl
Center for Financial Studies
16 Dec 2019 CFS Book Presentation: Otmar Issing and Thomas J. Jordan
Center for Financial Studies
17 Dec 2019 Macro Seminar: Ilse Lindenlaub
Department of Money and Macroeconomics
17 Dec 2019 Finance Seminar: Giorgia Piacentino
Department of Finance

SAFE Policy Publications

Title Authors Date
What is Libra? Understanding Facebook´s Currency Maik Schmeling 20 Sep 2019
Completing Banking Union Thomas Huertas 02 Sep 2019
Fiscal-Financial Vulnerabilities Ludger Schuknecht 14 Aug 2019